If a guy says he loves you after two months of being with each other, does he genuinely mean it?

He says says he means it but I'm sure if he's just in it for the sex. I'm a virgin and one of the first conversations we've had was about my relationship history and sexual activity which is non existent. I've told him I want to wait and respect my wishes. He said he understands and he will. He was my first kiss. He is extremely patient with me.
One night we were cuddling and gently grabbed my hand and guided it into his pants and he said that he wanted me to know what it felt like for the future so it wouldn't be as weird, I said okay. He asked if it was awkward and I said not at all. Part of me thinks that he's just in for the sex but he's constantly proved that he's not just in for a good time. He's tolerated my bitchy mother and sat through my family gatherings. How would I be able to differentiate his actions, are there any signs? How do I know he's not playing the I love you card just to get into my pants?


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  • If that's you feel about him, I'm sure he would be heartbroken. If a guy said he loves you, then expect the phrase to not be just be thrown around. If he is constantly pressuring you for sex and he gets annoyed when he is not successful then I think he is frustrated of having to wait so long. I personally think that time isn't really a factor for waiting if a guy would 'stick around', I believe progression in the relationship is and if you have already intoduced him to your parents, those are good signs.


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  • I said it to my GF not too far in our relationship but I still mean it 100%. :)

  • Well, have you done anything to give him a reason to love you?


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