Am I acting the right way about this?

I have this guy friend that I had met recently. We slept together, he's mentioned, even when my friends and I first met him he was not after a relationship, then he ended up friend zoning me.

Not sure if that if that is a good thing or not.

I asked him if all I was, was a one night stand to him and he said no, a one night stand is someone you have sex with and never see again. We still hang out. He also said that what we did that night was not a mistake either.

A little confused caus I do still like him and he knows that. But is still happy to hang out with me. I am fine with that as well.

Would he still be attracted to me, regardless? All I really am doing now, is playing it cool, looking for others (not keeping all my eggs in one basket so to speak) and just hanging out with him.

Have never been in this situation with a guy before... But accepting we are just friends.


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  • sounds to me like he wants to keep u around for sex.

    • Well he is not gonna get it. We both said that I can't do friends with benefits after that night. We have hung out a couple of times since then and not had sex since. Shrugs.

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    • by what i know of her, she LOVES attention. she's the type that wears a hat when noone else does, doesn't wear the hat when everyone else wears it... she nearly always stands out. what do u think will get the attention of a woman who loves attention? what will make her chase after the guy?

    • Not sure... Sorry. I am not that kind of girl lol.

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  • He wants to keep u around for a friend's with benefits arrangement. It's all about him. Move on u deserve better

    • We both have said we can't do that after that night. It was going to start off that way but then we just ended up hanging out as friends instead and have not had sex since.

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    • Isn't that just frustrating though if u want more than friends?

    • A bit but will get to meet a new friend I guess. See what he is like in general without sex involved.