Is there a chance for us to date?

Ok I like this guy and I have liked him for about 1-2 years now. Me and him have been friends for about 1-2 years. I told him that I like him and he told me that he thought Of me only as a friend.

After we still continued to talk and he then gave me a cute nickname after I told him what I want to be when I grow up.

I have tried to forget about him as more than just a friend but it hasn't worked.

so is there a chance for us to date? and if not then how do I get over him?

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  • It doesn't sound like it, if he just wants to be friends then that's just were things are probably going to stay at. If you don't think you can just be friends then tell him. When trying to forget him, focus on yourself, worry about making yourself happy. Clean up, go hang out with friends or family. Pick up a hobby or something to keep your mind off of him, and remember to never blame yourself for what happened, its not your fault. Enjoy yourself and who you are, and if he pops up in your head every now and then, that's okay. Don't worry yourself and you'll get over him, I'm sure of it.


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  • I say mabey. He seems indisisive. Hemight have him eyes on another girl, so just to be save he said he sees you as a friend, but anythings posibl.


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