Girls and Guys, what would you do in this situation / would this person's persistence ever pay off or would you never give them a chance?

Hypothetically, say if you liked a girl, but she didn't like you back at all. You guys weren't even friends, but you told her your feelings anyway. She still rejects you. But you don't give up. You keep texting her and talking to her, fully aware she thinks you're a "creep." You even tell her from time to time you still like her and that it wouldn't change. You keep this up all throughout high school, simply because you told her you wouldn't just "stop" liking her.

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  • That seems a little too persistent and not just kind of creepy but full out creepy, like I don't want to be near this guy.
    Although, I will say a text from the guy every now and then (maybe a few times a month), and if he said a few friendly kind words during the week would be okay and might get her attention in a good way. For me personally, I wouldn't want the same guy telling me he likes me, it would just make me feel awkward after rejecting him.
    Basically, I wouldn't be interested in a guy who was so persistent. If he was nice about it, like if he saw I was having a bad day and said something to make me smile, that would be golden.


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  • While this is not my story, it is that of a close friend, aost like a sister to me. The ending is that she married the guy and now they have a set of fraternal twins. The beginning (not highschool) is when they were assigned the same ship (US Navy). She used to be a bit of a player, slept with different guys a lot instead of having one exclusive. He liked her, pursued her, even bought her things. She called him her stalker, but according to her today she is glad she finally gave in. He is not a bad guy, by the way, just a bit socially awkward.

  • I've had this happen to me by a guy who was my friend and nothing ever happened. Let alone someone who isn't my friend, girls don't like creeps

  • It becomes really creepy. I'd confront him and explain how creepy what he is doing is and ask him to stop. After that I'd delete and block him from all my social media sites


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