My friends are so hard on me help me please?

Im new here by the way 😋 just asking for some advices. Im NBSB and my friends tease me every time we talk about boys , im not in a rush but sometimes i also thought that why am i still single am i that ugly or something? I know im not (sometimes) i had a suitor but i dont like him and i dont see his effort so what am i gonna do? I feel so down my friends should help me but they dont they just bring me down and its making me upset😔 any advice?


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  • Look life isn't same for everyone.. Things don't happen as what we expect from life and that makes us feel low! I am also single and i don't find it a very big deal coz i've stop thinking that way.. If there is someone for me i'll surely find her someday. Talking about the friends, whether you are in a relationship or not, they will always have something to say if they are of that kind so that part you can take lightly.. Make sure you laugh with them next time they tease you.. You do it two-three times, they'll stop teasing you.. I believe that Everything happens in life for a reason.. Simply enjoy it rather than keeping expectations and feeling sad when they don't come up true.. I think it makes no sense living that way.. Hope this helps :)


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  • Either have a serious talk with them or try to get some new friends

  • What's NBSB?

    • No boyfriend since birth

    • @Asker
      Wow! NBSB really through me.
      Ok let's start here.
      Why do YOU think that is.
      I don't mean pour your heart out, just let us inside you a tiny bit.
      We're really here to help, not judge you.