Is she just being polite or does she like me?

I met her like 6 months ago and she didn't really seem interested in me because we didn't really have much to talk about and I didn't want to dance with her. (I dont know how to dance to American music)

Anyway every time I see her she says hi to me either enthusiastically or normally. Specifically last night at a new years party she seemed very excited to see me but then she disappeared amongst her friends. I never really see her anywhere so should I message her on facebook? I messaged her one time a few months ago to see if she wanted to join something but she never replied. Also I think this guy likes her who she goes to school with, so I dont know if she is interested.

What should I do? Wait it out until I see her again? What do I do then? Or should I ask for her number on facebook? What should I write to start up a conversation?


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  • You should totally talk to her!! It sounds like she could be into you, that's kinda how I act when I like a guy, and message her casually. Along her to join something isn't really gonna get her to wanna talk, just say hi and let the conversation go.


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