Confused? Am I being silly?

So I've been dating my bf for 4yrs now. We are from different cultures and we've been drifting apart. Recently he has this new found love for church, the problem is that I'm completely on the back burner now. Its all about church. I love that he is going to church however it has gotten to the point where our relationship is neglected because of it. I dnt knw how to feel cos I want him to serve God but at the same time I want there to be a balance.


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  • When I say that something is on the back burner then it means it is a long-term project as opposed to a short-term project - I intend to get to it at a later time. That's how my back burner works. Maybe that's not what it means for other people..

    • Sorry. English is not my home language. I meant tht I'm not a priority anymore.

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