Does my boyfriend still have feelings for his past crush?

My boyfriend and I recently became official two months ago, and although he is so loving to me, I can't help thinking that he might still be into the last girl he had feelings for before he met me. The last girl is gorgeous and from Brazil, but they met 2 years ago when she was studying here (way before he and I met) and things obviously didn't work out because she went back home. However, I found out that he had been contacting her just as he and I became official asking if she was going to return because if she was, then he would wait for her. He hasn't been in contact with her since, but I saw that he's liked almost all her pictures on Facebook and he wished her a merry Christmas and called her by a cute nickname with a heart emoji.

I've asked him about her, but he said what they had was barely anything because they were never official or anything and he only kissed her once. He also said not to worry because she's in Brazil anyway. He doesn't know that I've seen the messages because I don't want him to think that I'm a controlling psycho girlfriend. He really does show he cares about me and we have even been on romantic trips together and our families have met and everything. I just don't know if he still might have feelings for the other girl...

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  • Yes. And it doesn't matter.


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