How much chasing should the guy do?

It's generally accepted that often times the guy is the one doing the chasing. How much chasing should the guy be required to do? And how much should the girl have to reciprocate?

Seems like generally the guy has to ask the girl out, come up with plans, things to do, activities to keep things interesting. The girl just gets to sit back and relax.


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  • LoL. I disagree with that. I am the kind that makes the plans and lol kind of orders. haha. But I. know tht there are some girls who just wait for the things to happen. When a guy also participates giving suggestions on what the couple could do... . it's definitely a good thing! About the chasing. .. mmm it's nice when the boy does it, cause we like him to show how much he is into us. However he must be aware of our space. Girls like attention but not too much like he's always around asking what you are doing or going to do, calling every time and stuff. The key is to balance it all.


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  • About 3km.

  • this is a good question, not sure