Why the fu*k does he do this shit?

This guy I was dating, we broke up and have been talking on and off because we both still care. He never use to talk to me all night, he would end convo about 8-9 and say he was asleep because he had work the next day which I was cool with. But he's always online at 12-2-3-4 in the morning and I know he isn't talking to me. Why would be lie and he's still doing it now that we are seperated. This is making me second guess my decision of getting bk together because it seems shady.

What do you guys think?

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  • Because he can.


What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe he's just online, but not actually on the computer? I do that a lot. Or he could have planned on sleeping, and ended up staying up which happens as well. Either way, if you're really trying to keep him apart of your life and this is bothering you, bring it up to him

    • When I say online, I mean on whatsapp it's primarily used for chat so I know he's talking to people

    • Does he change his status a lot to offline, busy etc because mine always says i'm online even when I'm not lol. But yeah, like I said earlier, mention it to him because it seems like this is really bothering you

    • He comes on for a few mins the goes offline then comes on again so on.. So I know he's actively using it and just isn't dormant

  • He doesn't feel like talking to you. Simple as that

    • You're missing the point lol

    • I still think you are being naive. You should move on from him.