Is he playing hard to get or what?

There's this guy I work with that I'm not officially dating, but we've gone out and kissed a couple times. I've always been really cautious towards him bc since I've started working there all I've heard is he only wants sex due to just getting out of a 2 year relationship. I want a relationship and don't want to get attached to someone who doesn't, but I never really asked him what he really wanted from me. He's always sweet & tells me how beautiful I am & has even said I was the first girl he's liked since his ex, but everytime he's asked me if I like him I've always said "idk" bc of you know 'he only wants sex' thing even though the answer has always been yes. Bc of everything he's called me shady due to taking forever to text back & indecisive due to never giving him a straight answer. It's not like I want to be this way, but I just don't want to get hurt. Even with all this going on, things have been good between us lately. I've really started to believe he wants more from me and his sister (who he's really close to) has told me how he could see me being his girlfriend only yesterday. I had been tired yesterday and wasn't really feeling that well. He wanted to hang out and it was New Years and I didn't want to pass up the chance of hanging out with him. We went to a little gathering at his friends house were I knew absolutely no one and wasn't in the mood right then to be social. As the time passed the more sick & tired I was becoming and the more bored & antisocial I knew I seemed. After he dropped me off though I felt really bad so I went ahead & texted him, thanking him for taking me and apologizing for being boring. He texted me back telling me I wasn't & that he had fun, but after I texted him back saying "okay good lol" he never responded & I knew he saw it *coughcough instagram* I decided not to think about it too much & just text him tomorrow saying "how's work lol" bc I know he hates where we work, but once again he didn't respond & once again I knew he

*continued* hates where we work, but once again he didn't respond & once again I knew he saw it. I feel like him ignoring me may be bc of the way I acted last night & the fact that I don't show as much interest towards him as he does me. It's hard to believe though that he could move on that quickly. Part of me thinks he may be playing hard to get bc that's the way I kinda am?


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  • I think you should stick with your inkling that he's a player and forget about him. But be upfront about it, guys hate when girls fade away, and expect us to take the hint.

  • Yes. Because.


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