Did things just get too intense for him?

I have been back together with an ex for a few months now. We haven't seen each other in several years and just recently reconnected. He has told me he wants to take things slow until we figure things out, and work on some of his own demons before we get anywhere near serious. I am OK with it, and so trying to not push things, but occasionally due to how well we know each other things can be a little more open than they should be.
He been sweet as can be, taking care of me when I was sick, and helping me with chores when he is over since I work so much. The last time I saw him we spent three days together (Friday night to Monday morning) and normally he leaves the following afternoon after a sleep over. We had our own Christmas and he said that his gift meant a lot since I put so much thought into it. Throughout the weekend he would tell me things he liked about me and how much he appreciates me. We made plans for his birthday later this month before he left. So far it's been two weeks and no contact. Did I do something or is he needing space because things got too intense for him?


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  • hmm, this one's tricky, have you tried contacting him? if you haven't just send him a casual text asking him how he's doing, try and make it as casual as possible in case he did find it too intense

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