Im dating a guy with 2 kids but should I leave him because of the way his babymama is?

im dating this guy for 2 months now and he has 2 kids with this girl. they been together since 2010 but brokeup in November. he been trying to talk to me for at least 5 months now or more. he told me he repeatedly tried to work it out with his babymama but it never worked. well he calls me regularly still all day and night. his kids be with him a lot but when his baby mother comes over he has to turn off his phone or its gonna get broken because she sound controlling. she deleted our pictures n etc. most of the time his phone be off because he be so sick after the seizures. he have at least 3 seizures back to back when he have them. should i disregard his babymom and still be with him? his phone stay off a lot because his battery drains dead and he doesn't have the strength to charge it. i charge it when im around. should I disregard his babymom reactions?


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  • This guy was trying to talk to you for the last 5 months but they broke up in November? He's a piece of shit!! Get rid of him! And I agree with @killertaco that he may still be with her.

    • it was around October or November I don't know anymore

    • Still he was trying to talk to you when he was in a relationship. That's bad news.

    • hell the kind of person she is i would be to

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  • Girl that man is still with that woman. He's telling you these lies that "she deletes" the pictures out of jealousy. HE'S deleting them to keep her from finding out he's cheating on her!! Girl you better get some sense. LORD THE STUPIDITY OF SOMEBODY WOMEN... You REALLY couldn't see through this one? ... REALLY?

    • I don't know what to believe anymore. i was over to his house and she was there bringing the kids. she took his phone home with her while i was stayinf there for the weekend when we was sittinf in the living room

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    • Wow. Okay then I'd def let it go. Too much drama so early on. Chick is crazy.

    • ya and she hacked his fbook to he had to make another page

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