If you could give girls/guys ONE piece of advice about online dating... what would it be?

We need to clean up the online dating pool... Actually you can give as many pieces of advice as you want. I'll go first...

I weed women out if they have:

1) Duckface selfies. Selfies = narcissistic, creepy, and they apparently don't have friends who could take their picture.

2) A short, generic profile. If someone is too cool to try, they're too cool for me.

3) A gap between what she brings to the table, and what she's looking for in a partner (age, salary, height, etc). For example if I see a chick who's 5'2, and looking for 6'0 and above, I automatically dismiss her (even though I'm 6'1). She's looking for a trophy, and that's messed up.


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  • Do you honestly think people on online dating sites actually say the truth. You'll have better luck just meeting people in public places don't be a vag go up to women and be open minded who cares if you get turned down on to the next girl confidence is the key... may the force be with you


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