Should I be myself or change?

When I hangout with my friends, I'm the weird one in the group and also quite. I have been asked out on a date ( I never been asked out on a date and this will be my first time ) my friends was telling me I should change how I act if I want him to like me but I sorta disagree because if he doesn't like me for who I am, I shouldn't be with him. The only reason they said I should change is because he's a lead singer in a death metal group and I'm a Christian but I use to be a emo scene type of a girl. He knows I'm a Christian by the way. I really like him but when all my friends tells me I don't know if I should or not, I have no secrets and I don't lie if he asks me questions I will answer and tell him about myself but my friends thinks that I shouldn't tell him everything.
Any advice?


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  • I think that you should be yourself because you shouldn't have to be anyone else to get a boy to like you. I know how you feel because I am similar to you and my friends have told me the same thing. I actually pretended to be someone that I'm not and it isn't a one time thing because that is who you become around that person and usually you don't end up liking who you change into, at least I didn't. A guy should like you for you and if he doesn't then he doesn't deserve you. You are BEAUTIFUL the way you are and you should always be yourself because you are PERFECT the way you are. I think you can keep some mystery, but don't change who you are because your friends think you should. Always be yourself and it takes you a lot farther than trying to change. If you decide to change, it should be because you think it is good, not because someone else tells you to. I don't think being Christian should interfere with the fact that he is in a metal band. Just be yourself and trust your judgement :) Hopefully this helps you out!


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