Confused after argument & cold shoulder?

My boyfriend and I recently got in an argument (December the 29). He is stressed, and I admit I was wrong in some things. We did talk after four afew minutes, he said he'd call me later, but have received the cold shoulder since. He has not yet asked for his house key back. I have called twice, texted an apology and request to sit down & talk, and wrote a letter better expressing my apology and admitting I see his reason. I don't know if he has read said letter, but do know he received it.
We have been dating for 4 months, spoke of marriage (we are both out of our 20s), have lives outside of each other. I have to admit, I have never been cold shouldered by a boyfriend before now.
He has 2 kids and has said maybe I should find someone who puts me first, to which I told him I have no expectations of coming first. If I wanted that, I wouldn't date a guy with kids. (This was said during the argument, but before he said he loved me)
So I guess... how long should I wait before approaching him (I did say I would give him his space, but asked for his forgiveness)?
Is this his way of breaking things off, even though he said he loved before we hung up the last time)?
Any opinions?


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  • Give him sometime. If he not reply. Then it is time to move on.