When they say that women only date assholes. What kind of assholes exacty, are we talking bullies and mean people AKA cowards?

I don't know if this theory is true but I think it's mainly a confidence thing because the assholes are usually the ones that have some sort of high self esteem problem that they can ask the girls they want out easily.
Guys who seem nice aren't always whipped easily they just have respect and manners and can stand up for their own right. Infact some like me, like being an asshole to the ones that are assholes who bullied people like me. I treat them like that when I know they are bullies and cowards in reality.
Some girls may believe that dating an asshole will give them security and protection and status but at what expense?
If I hit a guy who was being mean then am I wrong, because I'm the bigger asshole now even though the one being an asshole to me wasn't seen as one. Then all of a sudden I'm abusive.
So... when you girls say that you like Bad Boys. How are they bad exactly? From what I've observed the only kind that attracts girls are the ones that are mean to other people cause when they say bad boys I highly doubt it's just somebody that dyes his hair or rides a motorcycle.
Till they eventually find out what a coward that guy is because his *badboyness* is all image and there's no truth or virtuous personality behind that individual.
So tell me... What's attractive about a girl who enjoys somebody being mean to somebody else, cause i remember being laughed at by the girlfriends of my tormentors at highschool only because they wanted to impress their guys and I didn't think any of them were attractive.


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  • Women don't only date assholes, and if a woman does, it's probably because she's got her own self esteem issues, because you go after what you think you deserve. I wouldn't date an asshole, if a guy has to put someone else down to make himself feel better, he sure as hell won't get my attention because he needs to work on himself before a relationship.


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  • OK, so I have to admit that the one personality I hate on a guy, is one that is constantly pessimistic. I don't really find anybody to be an asshole unless they constantly dismiss my thoughts and ideas, because I can't stand somebody who doesn't find me interesting enough to pay attention.

    • I'm sure adolf hitler found those disagreeing with him to be pessimistic. But yeah agree with the last part kind of

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  • Nice guys call them assholes, but the "asshole" is usually the guy that is confident, aggressive, goes after what he wants, and doesn't let women walk all over him. Nice guys, in most cases, are the opposite.

    • women describe them as assholes or badboys just look at all the material throughout the years in media, magazines , internet.

    • The ones that call them assholes are the ones that tried to turn them into a "relationship guy" and failed. They're also the ones that demanded special treatment (wanting to be the only woman/girl in his life) but failed in that attemp as well. Ask a girl who is in the single life (casual hook ups) and I doubt she will say those guys are assholes.

    • fuckin amen bro.

  • Women definitely dont just date assholes. If you want to generalize an entire group of people, you're more accurate in saying asshole women date asshole men and smart women date smart men, etc.

    • But I'm smartening up the ones that do. I'm not generalising just curious towards the truth.

    • Now Im just confused on where you're taking our conversation