How do I get this girl to leave me alone?

There is a girl that stares at me every time I see her and tries to get close to me, and it's really creeping me out.


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  • would you mind it if u liked her?

    • Yeah because I don't trust people

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    • Is that why stares at me often

    • yes! most likely because she is into u unless ur just a dick and she looks over to see if ur being horrible but most likely the first one

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  • You should talk to her.. Or tell some to tell her to stop it. That you think its creepy and that she should stop it

  • tell her directly that you're not comfortable with her behavior? i mean, if it continues after you tell her to stop, then it's another thing, but you've gotta at least start by telling her...

    • She would say that she is not doing anything and ask me what I'm talking about.

    • do you tell her in a way that lets her know you're not alright with it? along the lines of "i don't like how…" or "it makes me uncomfortable when…" so that she knows that you're not okay/comfortable with how she's acting

    • Yeah I did, she won't listen

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