Girls I feel down help?

I was 21 dating a 18 year old. She'd hint sex when drunk/tipsy (touching me, sending me pics, dirty talking) but in the end she said she was a virgin and wanted to "wait". I waited and waited up until it was our 10th month anniversary together. That specific date/night i tried sexing her for a 1st time ever and she dumped me (my friends tell me i took too long and should have guided it since day one aka fingering etc). I only did this because at our 10th month i seen she was loosing interest in me (peck kissing me, barely talking, barely touching). Today she's in college and is now 21. we been ON/OFF ever since she been 18 out of high school. She's likely seen other people maybe. She now has tattoos and a tongue piercing and talks dirty and dresses sexy. She not girl she was at 18. She still claims she's a virgin but i don't believe it. Yes your boy still hasn't even SEENT her naked yet or gotten action other then touching/making out.

Do you think she's a virgin or at least tried oral? she once jokingly said "i will suck your d if you buy me food" but then once i tried setting it up she backed away from it. It could be she's teasing but I don't know.


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  • I think she's teasing you bro.

  • I think she can be telling the truth. My friends is like you describe her and she is Virgin even though no one believes her


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