Why was his mom upset?

My boyfriend's mom got him a college grad present from her and the rest of his immediate family and they never even told me about it. We have been together a while and they said they see me as part if the family. If I am his serious gf and I am family to them how come I wasn't included in the gift? After all it is my bf.

Also I gave him his grad gift to him right after they gave theirs and it was a week long vacation to go away to thus beach resort together he has been dying to ho to. He absolutely loved it and he freaked when he opened it his mom said she was annoyed about the timing of me giving him the gift later on according to my bf. I don't understand why you think age would be happy I gave her son such a nice generous gift he loved?

She would be happy*


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  • lol the mom is sad you are slowly taking her boy away
    Ah the transition, anyway you should have nothing to worry about, she's just jealous but its all cool cos she's the mom


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  • Well forget the mom!! She's probably jealous because you're taking her son away. I had a boyfriend like that and he was a mommy's boy it was so bad. But I say ignore the mom and go have fun on your vacation because you spent your $$ to make you and your boyfriend happy!

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