He's with women? URGENT!!

I always keep thinking weird things. My gut feelings and intution are usually correct especiallly when I suspect something.

But these days I tend to overthink, assume and overanalyse.

I really like a guy. But I haven't told him anything since he is plainly stated in public that he wants to focus on his career as of now and has no time for a relationship.

I feel very insecure and every time he's offline from social networks, I tend to think he's with some girl or dating someone.

Usually he's quite active on whatsapp, coning frequently but on some days when he's offline for long hours, I tend to imagine he is with girls.
I even assume scenarios like this (considering he is frequent on social sites and his sudden absence seems fishy) .

Usually whatever I think, is not real neither comes true. Yet I feel extremely insecure and his sudden absence makes me imagine and assume stories that he has found some girl and must be talking to her and spending all his time with her.

I feel depressed thinking about this. I haven't told him anything since he has been single for a long time and has pretty high ambitions related to his job.

What is this condition called? Why do I always think he's with women? And what if my feelings really come true?


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  • It's called anxiety.


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  • If I truley loved a girl I would do anything to be with them.

    Ask him ( would you still love me in 10 years ) if he does like you he will say
    I will love you forever no matter what happends

  • Infatuation is my guess and it doesn't seem healthy by the looks of things.


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