Why is he acting so strange?

I met this guy a while ago at my brother's party and we talked a lot that night and we had so much fun and we kissed. We've been texting every day since that night and I really like him and he said that he liked me. We kissed a few times in the pub but we never went out on a date. He came up with the idea to go out sometime last week but we hadn't really discussed it yet because I had to go. So three days later I asked him if he wanted to go out with me but then he said that he thought that it isn't so smart because he's afraid that he'll hurt me and he definitely doesn't want to do that to me because I'm such an amazing girl. But I convinced him that one date isn't such a big of a deal and he agreed to have a drink sometime. I asked him 'when?' and he said that he'd come back on that because he was working. And that was a few days ago and we haven't talked since then. Is he really afraid of hurting me or is this his way of telling me that he just doesn't want to go out with me?


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  • Maybe he has is in a relationship. If he was afriad of hurting you I don't think he would have kissed you.

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