How do you know , which guy is intrested in dating you what body language should I look for?

So I totally like mike O. A lot but he asn't been back at work after is accident it's still going to be awhile , mike is come back to work. I wrote him a poem telling him how I felt about him before his accident happened. At the same time I am thinking about mike a new guy catches my attention is name is Antonino he is tall and black
Not guys are taller then me. But how can you tell in body language if they are flirtying back or not , please help


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  • they stare a lot, blatant stare. try to be near you, sits or stand near you. like maybe touch your arm or shoulder. always facing you.
    if he's in a grould he will try to step out so you notice him as an individual. asks obvious silly questions.

    ps: -Antonino tall and black- sounds like a guy from some brazilian love story lol ))) good luck.