My first date with an American girl. HELP PLEASE?

So I just want to know what I did right and wrong. We met from okcupid and tonight we got to meet. I am 21, she's 25. We're in a country in South East Asia, she works in a small village with muslim population as an English teacher.

1. I didn't finish my dinner, I even chose pancake for my dinner. Because I am actually not hungry but she insisted that she wouldn't want to eat alone.

2. I flirted with her all the time. Like when she said that all local people here welcome her, I told her that it's because she's pretty. Or saying I feel happy to see her tonight.

3. He praised my English that I am the best non-native English speaker she met in a long time and even better than her local colleague

4. I told her that I dream big, about moving to America, be an actor in hollywood which she subtly discouraged

5. I wear 1 inch heels and still ended up roughly same height with her who wore flats.

RESULT: She told me that she's gonna meet her friend after dinner. She chose to walk to home eventhough I offer to drop her because she said it's very near. So I failed to get laid tonight.

I just want to know which one I did was wrong or fatal.


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  • Sounds like she didn't think it was a date, or that she doesn't think she wants to date someone since she's not permanently going to be in the country?

    • Yeah she's leaving tomorrow, but it's okcupid. It must be a date? I said to her it was a date

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    • I have, but you didn't. so move on about it.

    • Ok bro

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  • Maybe its because your focus was on "getting laid". Girls, (at least me) don't just want to get laid, and I can tell from the way the guy is drooling and looking at my body that is what he is thinking. I want guys I meet to know that I am not just some female who is there to satisfy their pleasure. I want them to know that I am an interesting person too. I like a guy to get to know me and to respect me and to think about me as a person before we ever start down a sexual path.

    So if you have another chance with any girl (not just an American girl) show interest in her, enjoy her company as a person, and try not think about sex as your ultimate goal. I hope this makes sense. Wish you well with your English lessons and with learning how we girls like to be treated:)

  • It didn't sound like it went to well tbh. The whole hollywood thing makes you sound a bit naive. One out of two compliments you said was a bit odd. That people welcomed her because she was pretty, implies that people treat someone differently based on how they look, or at least that you would

    And well going out for dinner and not eating is an odd idea. A lot of people are bit strict about not wasting food, but I don't think it would have been a dealbreaker

    The "So I failed to get laid tonight." made me wonder, what exactly did you expect?

    • I actually a bit expect to get laid because based on her profile it seems like she likes sex, but my primary goal was to do it right, because it's my first date.

  • This sounds like a movie


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  • She probably just wasn't ready for sex on the first date. See if she wants a second date. If she does, that means you still have a chance. Only hope for a kiss at best for the second date.
    If you get a third date, that's when you try for sex.

  • 1. Shitty.
    2. Correct.
    3. Correct.
    4. Shitty.
    5. Shitty.

    • Why no 1,4, 5 is shitty bro

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    • Sad. Vanity was right, it really IS a movie.

    • Haha? so what's the conclusion bro?

  • Sounds like she just didn't like you

    • Why?

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    • Basically she just didn't want you bro. Maybe you were not attractive enough or maybe you were not how she envisioned you from okcupid so she bailed.

    • Ok..

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