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I was supposed to meet a girl for a first date today at 2pm and so I arrived their at 1:30pm and waited till 3pm for her. So after the wait I decided to give her a call and text her. This Is the convo:

Me: Hey, where are you now?

Her: I'm really sorry. I'm so ill Ricky. I have the flu and have been in and out of sleep, is it possible to meet next week instead? I'm just so unwell

Her: Sorry to let you down! I will definitely do a day next week?

Me: That's fine but you should have let me know beforehand

Her: Sorry I kept falling asleep
Her: I've never been this ill

Me: Okay, let me know when you feel better

Her: I will

You know at least she's apologising and offering to meet another day but I just feel so disappointed! Do you think I've been duped or is she actually being genuine? I don't want her to develop power over me is all.


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  • Eh this is a tough one because she could truly have been that sick. However it is so easy to send a text saying that you won't be somewhere. I guess give it one more chance but if it happens again then just move on. Hope this helps!


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  • The fact that she is pushing for another date at a later day, says that she is being genuine and honestly feels guilty. If she was trying to stand you up, no way would she be willing to see you again in person. Its totally understandable if you don't want to see her again, but I guess it just depends on home much of a connection you feel with her regardless.


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  • I am suspicious. Unless this came on so suddenly she lost consciousness, she must have known she was beginning to feel unwell for a while and could have given you a heads up that she might not make it ahead of time.

    You wasted your afternoon waiting around and she didn't care enough to tell you, you can to contact her to find out.

    I say she gets another chance, but she has to set the whole date up.

  • What? Stuff that! she didn't even message you and tell you she wasn't coming? And you was standing around waiting for her?
    She could of messages you anytime she new she wasn't coming and she new she was sick! I'd never talk to her again!

  • yes, you both are good,
    and pleas don't go for ego.
    take over powers those all don't work in love.
    go head like a sweet couple.

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