He says he'll have no choice but to break it off if I don't demand independence from my mother?

We had an amazing day yesterday and he wants to see me the next day or the day after that. I said I'd have to ask my mother for permission and she said he can come over Sunday but not today or Saturday. It's not what he wanted to hear because when he's in a relationship he wants to see his lover everyday with just both of us making decisions not the mother. He said we will get through it and he'll take me in if my mother kicks me out. I don't want to fight with my family over a boy, why can't he just manage? He says he loves me and I'm his world and he'll try do everything to make it work. But he also said he'd break our relationship off if we aren't allowed to see eachothet when we want. So I can't see how it easy it is for him to cut off what we have so instantaneously just brcssue we can't see eachother for a few days. What do I tell him?


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  • Tell him absence makes the heart grow fonder. Make him aware that every day is not what you want, right, you don't want to see him every day?

    • I would but my mom doesn't want me to because she thinks he has attachment issues with me, she wants every other day and he has a problem that she decided when, where and how long. He wants it just us making our plans.

    • If your mother is having an operation obviously you need to be with her, but how about considering a compromise. All three of you do things together, since she is ill, and after a bit when she doesn't need 100% of your attention you explain to her that you need some time for yourselves as a couple?

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  • depends... i don't think that's a fair statement...


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  • That sounds like a huge dilemma but what I can say is are you guys engaged? If he truly means the world to you then he should at least pop the question of marriage or something. But to make you choose/ decide between family and him it isn't good. You should consider who will be there for you even if times get tough.

    • We only known eachother for a month and a half! He should understand, my mom has surgery in a few days and I can't stess her out like this, with this. I can't choose between him and family, I won't.