I'm not sure where to try and take things when and if I see this girl next?

usually see her around town at pub or other places , she put out some clear signs she was interested earlier this year and again in early December , I talked to her once at a busy bar night about a week before Christmas and things seemed ok however haven't seen or heard from her since then. I worry she was either disappointed I didn't make a move before the holidays or though I wasn't that into her. I'm just not sure where to try and take things when I see her again or if there is even any hope left at this point. I still like her just not sure things are ever going anywhere with her


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  • Don't read too into it, she's got a life you need to accept you won't see her around sometimes unless you give her a reason to. She is probably busy or doing other things, you're the one who didn't make the move so now you think she's playing a game/planned it out or something when really she's probably like eh gonna hang with my friends today i have no other plans etc. If you want to keep her around you have to ask.


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