How do I get him to finally confess his love? Or just take the first step?

I have been "friends" with this guys for two years. We act like a couple, everyone thinks we are dating.. He sometimes calls just to say i love you, and that im the most improtant thing in his life. But we are just friends i suppose, when i go on dates he freaks out on me and on new years eve he asked me to sign this paper he wrote which says that i dont get to date anyone without his approval then he joked about how he won't approve at all. Im getting confused and tired of what we are and Im not going to make the first move but i still dont know how to get him to do! Like i already tried to go on dates.


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  • If he haven't moved so far he probably won't. Just make the first move yourself.

    • I dont like the idea where the girl makes the first move. Do you think he doesn't like me enough since he didn't make any action yet?

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    • Okay :) i will man up and tell him! Now actually before i chicken out again.. Uhgg im scared but thank you

    • you're welcome. Good luck!

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