She sometimes tells little white lies?

This girl i've been dating for about 3 months now, well to make a long story short she sometimes tells me little white lies. She IS interested in me, she openly stated that, i'm just curious if this is a possible little red flag or nothing to worry about

For example, one time she told me she was asleep but i saw she was active on tumblr a couple hours ago. I actually confronted her (calmly) and she said she just does stuff like that sometimes and doesn't really know why. i told her you could've just said you were busy or something, it's not a big deal (and it really isint)

another small one, i asked her to hang for new years. she told me she had plans to go with her friends to new york that she barely sees. fair enough. im not gonna stop her from hanging with her friends lol. but i noticed on her instagram she put a pict up and said she spent new years eve at home reading. i did not confront her on this.

anyway are these little red flags or nothing really to worry about? i mean at least she wasn't hanging with "A friend" you know?

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Also she put that pict up on instagram talking about being at home reading, like a week AFTER i asked her to hang on new years eve


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  • These are the beginning of stages, sweetie, of things you are 'Beginning' to see in your date mate Where-----She sometimes tells me little white lies. With this in mind, catching her red handed in the cookie jar, she is starting to Raise Red flag signs with you and perhaps put a bug in your ear, dear, that she cannot be totally trusted.
    It appears me that she is Not ready for a Real Relationship so don't make a step in That direction with her. She is Into you enough where she likes to be with you and when Not, she makes up lame duck excuses that are Convenient with you and expects you to be Comfy with them.
    I find it hard to swallow being an wise ol' owl, that the girl that most likely could have had a chance with some romance on New years, sat home with a good book... if so, it wasn't the 'Book' But more like the Internet... before going any further by turning One more page with her, do some soul searching at what other kind of 'Little white lies' could end Up-----Big fat lies.
    You don't need that in an Honest John relationship. I smell a rat with this Lady bug.
    Good luck. xx


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  • sometimes you can't say "i wanna be alone" without people being like "omg no whats wrong r u mad at me omg" etc. so its easier to lie. Let her do her thing. She likes being alone, its fine.

  • I do this lol sometimes i just prefer to be alone but guys dont tend to take it well if you tell them you want to be alone rather than speak/see them so i say im going somewhere or im busy that day when really im at home in my onesie lmao

    • even if its a guy you like?

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    • yeah thats why im not too worried. again she posted she spent nys eve at HOME reading lol. if it was a party or a friends house then i'd question it.

    • Maybe she is an introvert like me lol a lot of people will say oh be careful it will get worse she will cheat but if she's introverted its just about wanting to be alone sometimes that doesn't mean she doesn't want a relationship she just appreciates space its sometimes hard for people to understand if thats not them though

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