Should I carry on building a relationship?

My friend wanted to introduce me to a friend last year, she probably wanted to set us up, but after finding out that the friend had a boyfriend, I guess she decided it was better to leave it.

However, I added her on Facebook a week ago and we started chatting, we get on well so far.
In the process I've tried to fish about the boyfriend a bit, and I've discovered that all is not well.
She didn't want to talk about him, and when I asked why she didn't take him somewhere she wanted to go she said she didn't want to take him with her.

I'm thinking too carry on building a friendship, and if the relationship does bomb out in the end, she'll know who to turn to?


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  • You know and have Known from the beginning of this beguine, Arutha, that she Does have a Mate, although most likely there is trouble in paradise with her and him. However, by you getting too involved, even ending up wearing your heart on you sleeve where you could 'End up' getting hurt in the long run, you could Discover That-----All is not well with you and her neither here, dear.
    This kind of sticky situation is what I refer to as a "Triangle threesome" where you are at the very tip, looking down, from side to side, at the both of them. She may have a problem with him today and tomorrow they may be kissing and making up. And even if they were to split or just take a break, it's fresh yet and anyone she chooses to be this shoulder to cry on, could End up to be a Rebound Robert... and she could go back into his waiting arms.
    Keep things lite and semi sweet with her for now. Don't count your chickens before they have been hatched for if anything gets cracked, your heart could get broken and the whole friendship in a nut shell could go south altogether... the rooster could come home to roost.
    Good luck. xx


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