How do I know if I'm being used or genuinely friends with a guy?

I've had feelings for a guy for a while, we are friends or something like it, though we've kinda gone out in the past, but he ended up choosing other girls over me etc.
I feel like we are friends but he still flirts with me/comments on my appearance/gets jealous if I'm talking to another guy etc. yet he is the one with a GIRLFRIEND now.
Is he doing this only because he likes the attention from knowing I like him or is there more to it? I'm nice to him but I don't flirt with him or try to date him, I respect his relationship but I can't help but feel like somethings off...


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  • He just wants to have a side girl that will give him the stuff that's lacking in his other relationship. If he's coming to you for attention and flirts but wasn't willing to make a commitment with you, then he doesn't care for you all that much. I would nip this in the bud before he starts thinking he can get more out of you than just attention.

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