My bf said males and females can't be friends, yet he has loads of female friends?

Should I be concerned? I mean, be has a fair few female "friends"


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  • I would tell him: So you are telling me you would like to have sex with ur "female friends" ?

    • We had this conversation because he believes my males friends like me.. I said you can't say one thing for me and a diff for you it's double standards. Then he shut the hell up! He spends loads of time speaking to these females on whatsapp late at night so making me suspicious. It's making me withdraw emotionally from this relationship

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    • Exactly so it's like either way I will be pissed off lol and it's from just something he said which doesn't align well with his actions.

    • mmm :/

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  • Yes and no. If he's committed to you and he's honest, he won't stray. But I guarantee you that he wants to have sex with his attractive female friends. The reality is that girls and guys can be nothing more than friends *only* if there's no attraction between them. Add attraction to the mix, though, and someone will make a move eventually.

    I've personally had sex with every female friend I've ever found attractive. Why not? We were both into it, so it was a bonus as far as I was concerned. It went badly with two of my former female friends, but I would never back off of trying to get sex just because it *might* go badly.

  • Well, if that's what he really thinks, then I'd suppose you've got cause for concern. Sounds like he's telling you that he wants to fuck his female friends.


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