The guy im dating is shutting me out am I just a rebound?

When we first met he got out of a 2 year relationship 3 weeks prior, we started going out & we got close soon. We met each others families I've been over his house plenty of times we cuddled & had sex once& he even made me his girlfriend it was perfect but one day he broke up with me because he thought we werent a perfect fit for each other but we worked through all that & he said we need to slow down but let's continue to get to know each other. So i agreed, he refuses to see me or even talk otp with me he says hea not ready to be close like we were before and give him time but im sick of giving him time its like he's just shutting me out what should i do?



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  • You should of. listened to him the first time he said you weren't right for each other. It seems he's just not that into you.

    • If he's not into me then why does he make the effort to talk to me all the time

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    • Yet you're posting on this site because you're concerned.

    • I don't know im just confused i should just end it all, every relationship i get into ends in disaster & me being heartbroken anyways 😔

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