Is it a better idea to let the girl confess her feelings in her own time before I do?

So basically I have developed feelings for this Girl, we've known each other for around half a year and we've been on one date.

My feelings have been bothering me now and I really want to tell her that I like her after the second date. Now I understand this is probably not the smartest thing to do since I risk putting her off and making her feel guilty if the feeling isn't mutual.

So can I get some help with past experiences:

1) Should I tell her first now, put it off later after we have been on plenty more dates or let her tell me in her own time?

2) How would you girls feel if I opened up to you early?

3) would it be a better option if I told her she was smart and sweet but not directly saying that I liked her so I can ease off on my emotions and concentrate on being the best guy I can be

Thanks so much!


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  • Well I don't know about other girls, but I usually expect guys to make the first move and say they like me lol I've never told a guy I like him and nothing would ever happen if they waited for me (I'm really shy and awkward). She's been on a date with you, though, so she probably already suspects you're interested in her :)

    • Cool Thanks, but do you reckon I should tell her after the second date or should I date her longer?
      I'm scared of rejection like anyone but I need my feelings to be known

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    • you're very right, thank you so much!

    • You're welcome! :)

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  • You've been on a date with her so wouldn't that mean she likes you too? I do not think she would be bothered by it unless she doesn't feel the same way.

  • Lol... well, believe me, if she doesn't like you, you'll know


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