Will it be a disadvantage that I'm a guy who prefers to be the more caring and submissive one in a relationship (See Details)?

Basically I'm worried that most girls just want a more dominant and manly kind of guy than I can ever be. Also, I'm worried that a girl will eventually get bored or take me for granted if I treat her too well.

Does a guy have to avoid being too nice to maintain attraction?

I want to focus my energy and my attention on the woman I'm with. I want to treat her like a Queen, pamper her, give her foot and body massages, and I want to give pleasure more than receive it.

I want to wine and dine her and shower her with gifts. I also want to make her feel good about herself and encourage her in her own life.

By shower her with gifts, I meant buying her the little things (flowers at work, chocolate or dinner often) not buy her a car.


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  • I think that's really attractive with guys that treat their girls like that. Just don't go after a girl that takes everything for granted and just want to be given things to and never give back. Also when buying gifts, don't buy too expencive things and too often. I would get the pressure to give back as much as I get :)

    • So I don't seem desperate?

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    • Good. It's just the answers from the guys worry me.

    • well, maybe try not to over do it. rather do it less times and make it really special (for example diner). don't know if you can overdo massage, but see if she's willing to massage you as well and if you like to give her massage (ex) you can do it 2/3 times. but like i've already said, make sure she's willing to give back! otherwise she just might use you

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  • I like a sensitive manly man lol.. like protective, dominant, but also sweet and kind

    • Do I come off as desperate?

    • No just a little wishy washy

    • I was trying to get my point across without having 4 or 5 paragraphs. Lol

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  • Sorry, but you are coming at this with the wrong mindset. It's clear you are putting women on a pedestal. They are girls. Humans, not goddesses. Who wants that kind of pressure placed on them? There's a difference between being supportive and kind versus supplicating and weak. Women don't want girlfriends. They want boyfriends. Don't retreat into a passive role just because you are afraid of challenging yourself and shaping who you are into something better and more attractive.

  • You don't sound like a "nice guy". You sound like a desperate guy. I feel you will smother her. she needs her own time too. If you do all that you say, you will be single again in no time. You'll drive her nuts after a while

    • How is it desperate? I actually enjoy the idea of all this.

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