What's his problem, did I do something wrong? Because I'm confused?

I haven't seen my boyfriend in over a year because of stuff, my parents don't let me leave the house (btw I'm 17 not older) Well lately my bf has wanted me to sneak out at night to see him, I've told him I'd try. But something keeps happening so I can't. Well first off I'm scared to because if my dad finds out I'm dead, but I've tried but every time I can my bf never replies to me. He says it's ok if I can't see him but he gets sad and doesn't talk to me so on New year's eve I told him after I got home from seeing my mom at the hospital at 12:30 I could meet him. Well he stopped replying again until 12:04 to say "Happy New year cookie love youu." And he hasn't replied anymore since then... and I've been crying because I'm afraid he's mad at me because I can't see him, but I told him I can during the day... but he's always busy then. And normally he always replies to me every day so it's weird when he doesn't reply... and he did this two weeks ago where he didn't reply for over a week, and it hurts because I miss him. And I've been trying to talk to him and it's not working


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  • Obviously it's not the right time for you to be in a relationship.

    • He knew all of this prior to dating me, he knew my dad was abusive and didn't let me date. My bf said he didn't care about that, that he just wanted to be with me

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    • Actually yes she would, my mom knows about it. She knows all the abuse I go through at he from my dad hitting me to my brother molesting me

    • Then she's a bad parent for not protecting you. You have a choice. You can leave or not.