Why do guys get so surprised or mad when I tell them I like them?

Some of them are disgusted and some of them get shocked or mad
Some will even say you will never have him so stop obsessing
I mean he's a celeb so I know I will never have him. That's a given fact


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  • I'm... Lost

    • I just noticed this way so poorly written. I was so drunk. The question was suppose to be why do guys get mad when I tell them I like eminem omg too funny

    • Omg that makes so much more sense lol

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  • Because the guys you told are assholes. Not every guy will behave this way. It's normal to get surprised, but it doesn't justify being rude.

    • But why would they get mad and insult him

    • Maybe because they're not interested and want to make it clear. I say again, it doesn't justify getting mad.

  • Because most girls go for the tiny percent of guys who get tons of female attention and it's all a game to them.

    Tell me you like me and I'd be flattered!

  • This baffles me.

    • Same. That's why I asked

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