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So there is this girl I work with and we have been flirting for quite a while now. A lot of people I know kept saying that she liked me and I should ask her out. So, after a few months, I finally got the courage to ask her out. However, by the time I finally asked her out, she had gone on a few dates with another guy. Regardless I still asked her out in person. When I asked her she smiled and instantly said yes. I said great and told her id text her later for details. I texted her a few days later asking if she was free a certain day and she said she was busy that day. So I texted her a few days later asking when she would be free. She said that her schedule was busy this whole week. Then she said probably next week. Also, every time I texted her she responded pretty quickly.

So my question is, should I bring it up again or wait for her to ask me about it? I don't want to sound desperate and I'm not sure if she is legitimately busy or trying to let me down. I asked her out the week of Christmas and New Years so I guess its realistic for her to be busy but im still not sure, especially with her going on dates with this other guy.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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  • you have to be the one to make the move she will not ask about it even if she does like you she will wait to you say something.

    • In your opinion why wouldn't a girl ask even if she was interested? Wouldn't a girl want to initiate something with a guys she likes if he asks her out?

    • well most girls think that guys should always be the first to act they dont want to sound desperate. or maybe they think that the guy forgot and it will be awkward to bring it up. so they always wait for the guy to make the first move

    • Alright well there's still hope then. Thanks for the advice!

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  • I would leave the ball in her court and see if she responds or drops hints.

  • Wait a few days then Confront her. Say "hey I know it's been a busy time of year and all but I'm into you and all but it seems like you have been brushing me off." If she says she hasn't and if she truly hasn't she will try and make a date with u.


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