How do I improve my looks to attract a girl?

Any tips on what I can do


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  • You have to start with your self esteem before you can start with looks.

    • Well I realize how important looks are that's why I started with it first

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    • Well believe it Mr :)

    • But when you work at a store and two girls come in looking for something and one says let's ask him and the other says god no you can imagine what that did to me inside cause I was only a few feet away

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  • Less facial hair? Or a clean facial hair?

    No offense but urs look a little messy

  • Dude again with this, work on your self confidence not your looks, if your self confidence is low it doesn't matter if you look like a model or a Hobo.

    • Self confidence isn't gonna do anything if I'm ugly

    • You are dumb as fuck if you believe that. Have you ever seen Seal? He fucked Heidi Klum for ages and Seal is a fucking monster.

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