Pushing her away being the nice insecure guy?

So I met this wonderful girl, beautiful, caring everything, and I'm blowing it by being the nice insecure guy. I've shown lack of interest by ignoring her multiple times, asking friends and family members what I should do instead of just doing it and acting jealouse for no reason not taking control of the situation, just questioning her and only making small talk. On Christmas I gave her a card and she gave me hug and was so happy, this past Monday I went to talk to her and she was talking to another guy a big guy at that, I acted like I wasn't there and went home and cried and thought why me. Tuesday I barely spoke to her, Wednesday I completely ignored her then Thursday I asked about it and she said she doesn't even remember the guy but when I asked her I had no confidence and she ate me alive and said I'm a weirdo, I act like a weirdo.

Tuesday I should have asked her out it was the perfect time and I didn't cause I was mad about nothing. I obsessed over her this last 2 months, thought about a life with her, things I wanted to say to her everything the nice guy do. I'm a full time college student and I really don't have much of a life. I have few friends don't go out and smoke weed to deal with problems sometimes and most of the time I'm at home playing video games. I've been doing it this for along time and have let women run me over repeatedly.
I realized I'm insecure, clingy, emotional unstable at times, and make bad decisions. One of the biggest things I need to change is just talking to people, getting out again and stop worrying about things that don't matter.
But my questions is after I asked her about the other guy and got dismissed, do I have a chance, I believe I do and I really like her.
So on Monday I wanna admit to her I have a insecurity problem with myself and I see how it's effecting the way I handle things and that my feelings are real for her, apologies for my behavior, and ask her out. I'm thinking about bringing her lunch.

She has a boyfriend and been using me for attention, it's sucks but it's ok I found out my mistakes with women.


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  • Sounds like she us talking to other guys because she feels like you ignore her and she wants attention. I would definitely go through with your plan. If she turns you down then she doesn't deserve a guy like you anyway. Just be yourself, you will find someone who will appreciate you.

    • Thanks, and you know I one thing articles say about c guys is we use excuse an ways to think negative, but i asked I no what she was doing this days she said and work d school, asked for her number she said no she's talking to someone already. That's why I ignored her for 2 weeks finally I went in to talk to her and she didn't want to talk to me so I left came back and she initiated the conversation. ut like I said our conversation are really one sided, she's a pretty girl, dyed her hair red I every time I came around she's always talking about anything. She gives the imagine she's a attention whore you know so it's only right I can feel like this.

    • Exactly, but u can NLT be sure if u go through with the lunch plan if she turns u down forget her but if she says yes give her a chance.

  • If it's okay for me to ask this, is it weird being in college at your age, (I am assuming you are at least 25)?

    I am considering doing an undergrad program despite having completed Uni, (this is another program), and I'm getting anxious as to whether it's the right decision


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