What Should I Do if A Girl Doesn't Call Back After Leaving A Voice Message?

I have a good friend that I have known since high school and I have been helping her out recently through the work I do. She is very sweet, funny, beautiful and she is currently a single mom with a three year old daughter. I personally don't have any problem with dating a single mom, my own mother was a single mother, so I understand much of her daily responsibilities (mothers are women too).

We have become close to the point where we are comfortable with each other to talk about anything. We tease, we laugh and even share life stories where I see we have much in common. I asked her out to lunch in person and she agreed; however, with the recent holidays we were both busy with our families.

I called her to see if she were available to meet for lunch/coffee but got her voice mail. After leaving the voice mail in a polite and cordial way, I was looking forward to hearing back from her. It has now been six days and I still have not heard back from her. What should I do? Call her again? Text her? I don't want to come off as pushy or needy.

I really like and care about her and I would do anything for her. Should I wait still or just move on?


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  • She might be busy but sometimes just be a man and call her.

    Is she worth it? If you like her enough and you think she is busy send her a text now and then to let her know that you are there for here but don't smoother her.
    But make sure that you are not wasting your time as well. So be friendly with other girls and go on dates. No harm in doing that as well.

    So if things didn't work out you will have nothing to feel regret for. You did your best and didn't waste time.