This guy has bad background with dating

I'm dating this guy who has bad experience with dating. He told me every girl he got with or dated always used him such as hang out or talk over the phone, the typical boyfriend stuff. It's kind of strange to me that these girls never took him seriously or had any consideration at all. But he continues to care about them even though they are messing with him. And this was in high school.

Now, we are in college things are going to be different when you meet new people.

I just don't understand why he treats me so horrible and neglect me. When I never did anything wrong at the beginning of our relationship. When it comes to these girls who used him. He gets heads over heeds for them.

Does it mean he likes the chase and girls he can't get?

I mean he chase after me and got me it seem like he's not satisfied when I'm with him.


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  • I never did understand a guy like that. . If you are unhappy with him 50% of the time, why allow yourself to keep seeing him? He treats you less than what you want.

    If you have choices, then you ought to exercise them.


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