What should I tell her?

I've been talking to and hanging out with this girl for a few months now and we aren't dating but we are so close and spend so much time together people assume we are (we even went to homecoming together). I really like her and want to pursue something more but just recently I told her "I don't want a relationship right now" and she said the same but like I said I changed my mind. People are telling me it's obvious she likes me and wants me to ask her out and I'm also told I'm being a jerk for leading her on or whatever. Do you think I should just walk up to her and tell her how I feel? Also, do you think she was just covering up by saying she didn't want a relationship?


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  • I do think she was covering up and I really think you should ask her out. See what happens. If people say she likes you then she probably likes you


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  • well i do think she might have said that because it's a vulnerable position to be in. I think if you like her it's worth asking her out and seeing if you both want a relationship


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