My boyfriend would rather come over and just fall asleep cuddling me than have sex. Does this mean he's fallen in love with me?

I work a lot. I have two jobs which consume the majority of my time. However I still manage to make time for my boyfriend. Some nights my boyfriend will come over to my place and we'll just hang out in bed watching movies until we fall asleep. He must enjoy doing this because he's done it more than ince. Like last night.

He came over despite how late it was and fell asleep right next to me. He knew I had to get up early in the morning for work the next day and he'd have to go home but he didn't care.

I see this as a sign of him developing deeper feelings for me.

So what do you guys think? Is it love? Lol


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  • Probably it means you're familiar.

    Probably he was in love with you before that.

    • Yeah. I think so. It's just he seems so dedicated to me/our relationship. I can kind of feel it in the way that he looks at me. I've never had someone (outside of my family) care for me so much. I care for him in the same light.

    • A man who loves you will want to share his time, his space, his experiences, and whatever resources he has with you. We're not subtle. You don't have to go by looks and gestures.

    • He does. He spends almost all his free time with me when ever he can. And vice versa.

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