I'm sure he likes me, but what's going on with him?

So I met this guy a few days ago online, we ended up hitting it off and texting a lot the first night, then talking on the phone for three hours straight about so many things. We pretty much just decided to meet and I told him New Years Eve I would be free, we ended up hanging out that afternoon, but only for like an hour since I had plans with my friends. He was a perfect gentlemen, opened every door, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he asked when we could hang out again, we both were really liking each other. So yesterday, I was trying to get in touch with him to make plans for today, he ended up not texting me until 11 that night. So today, I was waiting on him to text me to confirm the plans, he didn't text so I called him around 2 to ask about hanging out, he told me yes and that he'd love to, he just had to handle some things with his phone first (it's broken and he's using an old one) but it's pretty much 12 now and I haven't heard from him. I'm confused because I'm sure he likes me, and so do I. I'm just confused as to why he's so flaky sometimes


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  • Opening doors? He's most likely a nice guy. If he's a nice guy, most likely that he's shy.

    My guess is that he's nervous that he doesn't know to what to say. So don't let the duration deter you. Read more on what he says. "Phone thing" most likely "BS"

    I, being a shy guy as well, say, you should speed up the process now, before all this nervousness builds up in him. Alternatively, it's 6 months or so of this, before he gets comfortable.


    • Yeah lol he practically ran to open every door, including the car door. I felt the same with the whole phone thing, but I tend to trust until a guy gives me a reason not to. He's pretty introverted, keeps to himself which I love. He seems really into me and like a great guy, we connect well so yeah I'm hoping it works out. Thanks man

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  • So you agreed to meet him on new years eve... he's thinkin bring in the new year , new girl , new start to something great , this is awesome... then an hour later you bail... he's thinkin right now she's face down with someone bringin in the new year so he's pissed cause really he dont know you , but he's not sure , so finally later he calls to gauge you , see what you have to say... you ain't got time for him , so he ain't got time for you kinda thing... Im just tellin you how guys think... like big babies... by his actions , he clearly liked you and wanted to hang out with you , he thought something was developing there... you dissed him... you hurt his feelings... you made him second priority... dah

    • Lol he's the one whi bailed not me. We hung out on New Years Eve, but two days later we were supposed to hang out again but he never got in touch with me about it

  • Maybe all this is happening too fast for him and he may not know how to handle it

    • Yeah that could be it, so should I just, what lol stop asking to hang out and everything until he suggests? I guess I am pretty straight forward lol

    • Na just be yourself. If you're comfortable with being fast-paced, go ahead. But if you really like him, then I guess you could slow it down. Call/text his broken phone to see if it's really broke.

    • Not necessarily fast paced, but he lives in a different city and is only visiting for winter break. He goes back to school in like a week or so, so I kinda wanted to have something going before we both go back to school and have crazy packed schedules.

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