She'll "let me know when"A bad sign?

I asked this girl to hang out today that I've been talking to for a little while with a simple "We should hang out sometime" She responded with "We should :)"

I changed the subject for a bit and then asked her when she would be available. She told me she wasn't sure yet and she'd let me know when.

Girls, does this sound like I'm over thinking the situation and should just let her tell me when? I mean, she already said yes. Or does letting me know later, sound more like she's just trying to put it off instead of just saying no?


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  • I think you're over thinking the situation. I mean she just agreed to hanging out with you she probably doesn't know what her work or school schedule will be like next week and will let you know when she figures out which days she's free.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's no big deal, just ask her again later. If you have to ask three times without getting anything definite, then just drop it and move on.

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