The guy im seeing wants to slow things down & get to know each other more but he won't see me?

When we met we started going out & seeing each other a lot we met each other's families & i spent a lot of time at his house cuddling watching tv doing nothing Like couples do, but he says he wants to slow things down & get to know me more before we get into anything serious i was okay with thAt until i tried to make plans to see each other & he keeps saying he wants to get to know me better & he's not ready to go back to being close like we were and he just needs time. Im confused if he wanted to get to know me more then why won't he spend time with me? We text each other every day mostly him initiating the convos. I doubt its another woman because he works a lot & barely goes anywhere except with family & i know he's into me because he makes the effort to talk to me & he opened up about how he felt about me plenty of times. he's probably the sweetest & most caring guy I've ever been with tbh


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  • maybe have a serious talk with him. don't be shy about it. if you really like him and are interested in pursuing a long term relationship it's important that you communicate. if him saying he "needs time" isn't good enough then the two of you need to come to an understanding, and if not, then maybe you need to set your sights elsewhere until he figures out what he wants. sometimes people are in two different places, and that's okay, but it's not fair to make the other person wait while you hash things out. it's nice that he is open about his feelings so maybe he'll be open to being honest about what more time means, but don't let yourself become unhappy just because he's a "nice guy".

    • Everytime time i ask he just says he's not ready to become close again & that he needs time. We had a whole conversation about this & that was all he kept saying

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    • ok well forgive me if I'm wrong, but sounds like you already have your answer. you're just scared to go through with it, and thats okay. but don't let him make the decision for you. if you've already expressed you're unhappy and he is not willing to change then you have your answer of what you should do.

    • I told him that we needed to talk in person & he said okay 😳 now i just have to figure out what im gonna say