Hooked up with a guy wondering if he'll text?

So I hooked up with a guy at a party we were in his room and it just happened and after we were done we went back to the party and hung out with everyone some more. My friends were leaving but I really wanted to stay so I asked him and of course he was like yes! And I'll drive you home in the morning. So we went back to his room and had sex 2 more times before falling asleep. We woke up at like 9 but he was really tired so we just kept sleeping all morning until like 1 pm and then we had sex again before getting up. I had mentioned earlier in the morning that I was hungry and he was like me too but didn't say anything about getting food until we were leaving and he was like "ok well by the time we get breakfast I should be home by ___" so I was really surprised he was going to take me out. He was really really nice paid for everything (even though I offered to split it) and when he dropped me off he said he had a lot of fun hanging out and that he would text me. It's been almost 2 days now and nothing... do you think he will text? (He also added me on snapchat and facebook)


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  • Sorry to spoil the tension but it's one night stand. Forget it.

    • How can you be so sure? Just wondering what in my story convinced you that it's just a one night thing...

    • I am a guy so I am saying it from a guy's point of view. If he wants to proceed with the relationship he would have called you. Sorry

  • No. He just saying it.


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