I think he is getting too attached nd liking me more seriously, what should I do?

Okay, so I met this guy some weeks ago after me and my ex bf broke up. He is the friend of one of my friends and since the first moment there was a huge sexual attraction, mutual. So we were just fuck buddies.
I got a bit addicted to sex after I ended my relationship, not cause i "needed" it, but I don't know it helpd me to forget.
We always have had amazing sex and I also like his personality. We started to say "I love you" but i knew we both meant it not seriously, i mean just for sex. But lately he is a lot more affectionate towards me and says he really likes me.. I think he is trying to take it more sriously.
The problem is that it has been a month since my last relation ended and im still hurted and im not ready to start another relation but i dont want to lose him.


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  • tell him that right now u r in a dark place and all u need is a friend who is willing to give without complicating things
    he will understand this way u get to keep friends with benefits and no feelings as well


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  • If your bangin this dude right after you broke up with that dude then you ain't that damn hurted... there is a natural progression to a relationship and he's is just taking that step... but you just wanna fuck and even admit to being addicted to sex... he's thinkin she digs me... do this guy a favor and get away from him , he thinks he's got a good girl really into each other and things are goin well... damn is wrong...

    • damn is he wrong

    • First, i dont think you are someone to tell if im hurted or not cause you dont even know what i went through. And we agreeed we just wanted to have sex, nothing else.

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