Dating more than one man?

A girl I like and have dated a couple of times is also in a long distance relationship with someone and is dating a third guy here in town. I've never been in a triangle like this before. I am falling for this girl, but she insists that just wants to "date as friends". She s looking for a "commitment" from one of us. She hangs out with the third guy at his house because he has a big screen TV so her 2 boys can play video games, then she can spend the night. I find myself jealous when she is at his place.

I'm an old fashioned guy. One woman, one man dating at a time. One problem is that if I do make that commitment, I would have to join the Mormon church. Pretty sure I don't want t do that.

Any advice please


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  • Stop messing with the woman. Plenty follow your code.

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